Top 10 UK shed burglary hotspots

Shed Burglary Hotspots

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As shed burglary is a common issue in the UK, it’s helpful to be aware of the top 10 UK shed burglary hotspots to make an informed decision when buying a shed.

Residential burglary based on Home Office data

From April 2017 onwards a new classification of police recorded burglary was introduced. So, residential burglary includes all buildings or parts of buildings that are within the boundary of, or form a part of, a dwelling and includes the dwelling itself, vacant dwellings, sheds, garages, outhouses, summer houses and any other structure that meets the definition of a building. Source: ONS

AreasNo. per 1000 households
Kingston upon Hull, City of15.4
Source: Mirror 2023

If you reside in Manchester or its surroundings, it is highly recommended that you consider purchasing a metal shed for added security.

Shed burglary based on the number of reports

Police ConstabularyReports
Greater Manchester Police2351
Lancashire Constabulary2292
Humberside Police2001
Nottinghamshire Police1794
Cleveland Police1621
West Yorkshire Police1583
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary1059
Dorset Police1058
Leicestershire Police802
Bedfordshire Police660
Source: which? 2019

These areas tend to have a higher incidence of shed burglaries due to a variety of factors, such as population density and levels of crime. However, it’s important to note that shed burglary can occur anywhere, and taking steps to secure your shed and property is crucial regardless of where you live.

The number of reported burglaries may not necessarily mean that there has been an increase/decrease in actual burglaries, as reporting rates can also be influenced by factors such as changes in police procedures or public awareness campaigns.

Local authorities advice

The local authorities may have access to crime data and can identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent to the general public. They may also have specific recommendations for preventing burglaries that are tailored to the local environment and crime conditions.

You should consider following the advice of local police websites and investing in secure storage solutions such as windowless metal sheds with alarm systems, you can help to reduce the risk of theft and protect your belongings.

Are metal sheds secure?

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